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Le AFTRLife: Une promenade la rue Quelle Blague avec Tom Robbins

Dale Kirby, editor. Mary Witter, assistant editor.[Credits & Props]

Snail mail to Tom Robbins, PO Box 338, LaConner, WA 98257
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    Mary's News
    Malibu Magazine has a new interview with Tom online. Our sympathies go out to him for his recent injuries. "

    Blogpost over at the AFtrlife Blog about how you can obtain promotional materials for Tom's new book.

    Contact Ecco publishing at ecco@harpercollins.com for stickers, greeting cards and coasters to promote B is for Beer.

    Mike shares an amusing Robbins anecdote on the mailing list.

    Moontroll has been doing great creative (greative?) work about Tom. He has a long video he shot of a recent B for Beer reading and an excellent interview he did with our favorite author. More at the blog.

    Latest Mediatrics about B is for Beer (they like it!) News

    B Is for Beer came out April 21, 2009 and has stayed out (Click on the picture if you want your purchase to benefit the Aftrlife). It is described as ""hallucinogenic hymn to beer, children, and the cosmic mysteries that sustain us all." Details here. Here's a preview from when it was called Gracie Goes to Schooner School. Here's a random quote from the preview:
    " " - Tom Robbins'

    The cartoon that started it all: Buy it here.

    Tom has written the forward to a new book called, Natural Skagit
    . He wrote that "[It] should give you some idea...why I chose to live where I live." The beauty of the photos certainly explains why to me. I spent a few days in La Conner and the Skagit Valley and was enchanted. The forward is some of his best writing, inspired by his chosen place. --Dale

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    Carl Studna
    Tom Robbins

    Here's a picture
    Ricardo Vinos
    sent me of Tom in
    San Francisco
    circa 1985 or so.

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    " "-Tom Robbins

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